Monday, August 17, 2009

Why Women Should Keep and Bear Arms

I strongly encourage you to read this editorial from Seattle Post-Intelligencer commentator Erin Solaro on Women, Handguns and Civilization. It is truly outstanding.

"For a law-abiding citizen to bear personal arms is an act of civilization.

Not just an act of self-defense or an act in defense of civilization, but an act of civilization.

This is true for men and it is even more true for women. For a woman to bear personal arms means that she will not be deprived of her legal rights: to go any lawful place she pleases at any time; to be free in her body, meaning that she need not be defenseless against assailants; to live. And it means that the uncivilized, those who would deprive her of life and the liberties of a free citizen, including freedom from unwanted sexual contact, do so at absolute risk to their lives. ..."

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