Thursday, January 14, 2010

China: Connecting the Dots Is Not So Hard, Y'all

Making news today is the conclusion by iDefense researchers that the Chinese government was behind December's "highly-organized" attack on Google. The iDefense report also surmises that, due to similarities between the December attack on Google and an attack last July against a large number of U.S. companies, the Chinese government was likely behind both attacks, not just the one on Google. "If the report's findings are correct, it suggests that the government of China has been engaged for months in a massive campaign of industrial espionage against US companies."

Oh, and let's not forget the fact that China and Russia hacked the U. S. power grid in April of last year.

And yet:

  • China continues to enjoy most-favored-nation trading status despite its lengthy record of human rights abuses.
  • China continues to export goods to the U.S. containing poisons like melamine (pet food and baby formula), lead (children's toys), and cadmium (children's costume jewelry) without penalty.
  • In September 2009, the U.S. owed China $798.9 billion, which was 23.25% of all U.S. debt owned by foreign governments. The risk to the U.S. economy should China elect to divest itself of these holdings is well-documented and, in September of '09, China (along with India and Russia) indicated they were interested in buying gold from the IMF in order to diversify their dollar-denominated securities. (source: Wikipedia)

How long before we wake up and realize that China is not our friend? How can anyone escape the conclusion that China is probing our defenses in preparation for a massive act of warfare designed to crater our economic, communications, and power infrastructures?

And yet: I defy anyone to point out one single effective, constructive measure that the U. S. Government is taking in order to counter this threat.


Michelle said...

I can see where there could be truth in your post. I personally don't trust countries that continue to sell us items that can hurt us or our kids and yet these defective items don't seem to make it to their people

Best Survival Food said...

With lots of cheap labor at hand, Chinese are adept at flooding large quantities of sub standard goods in the global market.