Thursday, July 16, 2009

Benjamin Netanyahu's Date with Destiny

Here is an excellent article from James Lewis at the American Thinker on Benjamin ("Bibi") Netanyahu's impending date with destiny -- to pre-emptively strike Iran before Ahmadinejad can fulfill his promises of wiping Israel from the map:

American Thinker: Sophie's Choice, and Bibi's
"...Today the moment for which Israel was founded has arrived. Sophie's choice is here again -- but not as sadistic and cruel as the SS version, because this time there is a genuine choice. Not an easy one, but a choice. Israel has prepared itself for this moment for half a century and more.

Bibi's Choice is almost universally understood by all Israelis across the political spectrum. Labour Defense Minister Ehud Barak may disagree on a hundred questions, but not on this one. Barak's background is almost the same as Bibi's.

Bibi's Choice is either to annihilate the danger from Ahmadinejad and his suicide cult before they get a nuclear bomb, or to hide his head in the sand, in the hope that every screamed threat from Tehran for the last thirty years was a bluff. ..."

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