Tuesday, April 28, 2009

US Gov't Wastes Time on Semantics as Swine Flu Picks Up Steam; Seven Hospitalizations, 2 Possible Deaths

Mayor Bloomberg says "many hundreds" of NYC schoolchildren sick with suspected swine flu; outbreak unrelated to St. Francis preparatory school cases

Two deaths in L.A. are being investigated for potential link to swine flu

Houston awaiting word from CDC today regarding four suspected cases, all from different hospitals

And, incredibly, the government is taking precious time and energy away from figuring out how to stop this thing to politely ask us all to stop calling it swine flu, because then pork exports might be threatened, and God knows we can't afford to have pork farmers lose money while other people are sick and dying.

This is obviously worthy of ridicule because any half-educated person who has made the most miniscule attempt to educate themselves about this illness knows it's not spread by eating pork, or even by contact with pigs.

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